The Capital Region’s Chambers of Commerce on May 5 announced their efforts to support and advocate for the needs of their members during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Local chambers of commerce, including the Galt District Chamber of Commerce, are working together to implement tools and resources to aid businesses in the navigation of many complex resources available to them.

One of the ways that these chambers of commerce are assisting their members is through the Sacramento Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce’s Rapid Response web resource, which can be accessed at

Another resource for members is the Rapid Response Business Triage Hotline, which can be reached at (833) 391-1919.

Through these tools, businesses that have been impacted by this pandemic can navigate local, state and federal resources that are available to them.

Rachelle Herendeen, president of the Galt chamber, spoke on the importance of collaborating with other chambers while acknowledging the significant difference of the Galt area.

“The Galt chamber’s mission is to advocate for the economic vigor and prosperity of its members,” Herendeen said. “That is why our office manager and members of our executive board have participated in the weekly discussions and collaborations of this chamber coalition. These virtual meetings with our regional cohorts allow us to draw from each other’s experiences and pool our resources that will benefit the business community.”

Herendeen said that about 25 chambers of commerce are working together to share their best practices.

“This has been a great opportunity to pool resources and to hear from industry leaders, as well as officials from local and state licensing offices,” Herendeen said. “However, it is clear that Galt stands alone in its readiness to open immediately. Our COVID-19 numbers just do not warrant being barred from starting the re-open process. Despite Galt’s geographic area of being isolated from larger cities, it appears Galt is being punished for being in a larger county.”

Herendeen said that last week’s invited guest speakers were with the office of Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC).

“They were able to clarify information about what things will look like when local bars and wineries are able to open, and shed some light on small public gatherings that could occur sooner than later, if local law enforcement agrees.”

Despite Galt’s unique circumstances, Herendeen said that it was important that the regional chambers of commerce continue to collaborate.

“This collaboration helps each chamber to not have to re-create the wheel,” Herendeen said. “This way we can learn from each other on what’s working and not working in other communities.”

Bonnie Rodriguez contributed to this story.