The Galt Community of Character Coalition honored two people at the Dec. 6 meeting of Galt City Council. It recognized Council Member Rich Lozano with the Pride in Community Award, and Cosumnes Fire Department Public Education Officer Laurel Schamber with the Caring and Compassion Award. Schamber’s award was meant to be given back in 2020, but it got delayed by the pandemic. Following are the nomination narratives by Mark King and Gale Webber.

Rich Lozano – Pride in Community

Rich Lozano is a true role model of pride in community. Currently in my third term as Sunrise Rotary Club President, I have witnessed firsthand the pride in community Rich takes in his daily interactions with others, the various committees he serves on and, of course, the very important role he has held as councilman for the city of Galt.

In his prior capacities in education and law enforcement, Rich has spent the better part of 30 years helping to nurture youth and citizens in general to take responsibility for — and pride in — their community.

Rich can be counted on to participate in all things we take pride in, from helping clean up a senior’s yard, to attending the Saturday Market where he and his family are quick to interact with the citizens. His dedication to our Rotary Club has been exceptional.

Part of taking pride in anything is showing up. Rich has that down to a science. Rich Lozano is an amazing asset to the Galt community and a shining example of one who embodies pride in community.

Nominated by Mark Edward King

Laurel Schamber – Caring and Compassion

Laurel Schamber is a true model of caring and compassion in the Galt community. Laurel works as the community outreach and public education officer for the Cosumnes Community Services District or CSD. Laurel is the person who coordinates the ladder truck for the Galt Eggstravaganza and works with Galt police on the Community Toy Drive. What is so impressive about Laurel is her heartfelt dedication to the community and positive outlook no matter the circumstances. In a recent interview, Laurel talked about her outlook on Galt.

“We are fortunate to live in a community that deeply cares about others. I see consistent evidence that we all truly care about our neighbors and others that live in our community. In a time where there is so much negativity and struggle, there is always a helping hand to be found in Galt. I have seen the evidence of small things that are needed to help a child feel better about being in school and larger needs for when a family loses a home to a fire. In our community, there is always someone to answer the call to help fill the need of someone less fortunate.”

Laurel spends many weekdays and then the weekends, especially in December, working on various aspects of the Community Toy Drive, collecting toys, sorting toys, and delivering toys for both Elk Grove and Galt. If she hears of a family in need, she rallies people and gets that family taken care of. Laurel is also someone who is never seen without a smile on her face.

Laurel also spends many weekends doing educational activities for the kids, again both in Elk Grove and Galt. In addition, she also helps families protect their children by doing car seat checks. She is also the first one to help a friend move on one of her few days off.

Laurel is always willing to help anyone in need at any time and always finds the resources to get the job done. Laurel never asks anyone to do something she’s not willing to do herself. When help is needed, she invites you in and shows you how great it feels to help others. As Laurel has noted, “Together we all can make a difference in the lives of families and children.” Laurel Schamber is a true asset to the Galt community and an outstanding model of caring and compassion, and I am proud to call Laurel my friend.

Nominated by Gale Webber