Postmaster Ferdinand Lagat expressed frustration with the ongoing mail thefts in Galt. Interim Chief Brian Kalinowski said his department received reports of 18 boxes being vandalized and is spreading the word about the break-ins on social media.

“We have seen an increase throughout the city,” Kalinowski said, “mostly in locked community boxes being broken into. This type of activity is related to identity theft; we posted a link for info. We are doing further work/investigation on this issue but do not have anything to send out further on this at this time.”

“They are hitting us every weekend,” Lagat said. “It’s happening on both sides of town but more on the east side between Stockton Boulevard and Carillion Boulevard.”

Lagat said residents should pull their mail daily and be aware of the increase in thefts.

“They’re going after stimulus checks and the W-2 forms that are being mailed out right now,” Lagat said. “If anyone has camera recordings or information about the thefts, please call the Galt Police Department.”

You may call the Galt Police Department at (209) 366-7000 and learn more about identity theft at