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Jared Gaynor

Editor’s note: This is the first in a three part series introducing Galt Joint Union Elementary School District Board candidates. One elementary school board candidate will be profiled each week through Sept. 30. Profiles will run in ballot order. Candidates’ replies to issue questions will be covered in the Oct. 7 edition.

Jared Gaynor has a professional background in education but his most compelling reasons for throwing his hat into the ring as a candidate for the Galt Joint Union Elementary School District (GJUESD) Board of Trustees are personal – his three young children, two of whom are already students in the district and another coming up. He and his wife Annette moved to Galt in 2011 shortly after their marriage and started their family.

“My wife and I, at the time, both worked in Sacramento, but wanted a bit less commotion to raise our family,” Gaynor said. “We looked in several cities, but chose Galt due to its relative proximity to work, our ability to have a quiet street to live on, and the deep community interest in programs for kids.”

He currently works as the chief compliance officer and assistant general counsel for University of the Pacific.

“All of my professional aspirations grow out of a desire to be as involved as possible with every facet of my kids’ lives,” Gaynor said. “Regardless of my profession or career, the most important thing I can accomplish is helping my kids grow into great people.”

Gaynor recognizes the importance of balance.

“As an attorney, it’s easy to work too much; and I work hard to ensure I can be successful in my job, as well as have quality time with my family,” Gaynor said.

Gaynor was born to Tom and Sandy Gaynor, a Vietnam veteran and a registered nurse, respectively. He believes his upbringing had a strong influence on his life as an adult – the desire to work hard, develop self-discipline and a passion for learning came from his childhood experiences.

“Things that happen to us as children, whether positive or negative, tend to have a ‘snowball’ effect on the remainder of our lives,” Gaynor said. “Having schools that are safe, supportive environments, where good things happen to our kids and they can grow intellectually, emotionally and in maturity, I believe, leads to an abundance of those traits as adults.”

Gaynor said he’s acutely aware of the hard roads ahead for schools everywhere, including Galt.

“I can bring my experience in academic administration to bear to assist the Board and superintendent through the next few difficult post-COVID years,” Gaynor said.

Tenets Gaynor values most are a willingness to learn and grow, service, personal integrity and a willingness to work hard to do things correctly.