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Don Nottoli is currently serving in his third year of his seventh term as a Sacramento County supervisor. He told Herburger staff last week that he will not seek reelection.

Sacramento County Supervisor Don Nottoli on Feb. 4 told Herburger staff that he would not seek reelection in the 2022 election.

Since 1994, Nottoli has represented District 5, which encompasses more than 650 square miles and includes Elk Grove, Galt, Rancho Cordova and Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta communities.

Nottoli, who is a native of Galt, noted that his decision to call his current term his last was based solely on his lengthy service in politics, and his desire to pursue other activities in his life.

“It’s been a privilege and honor to have received the support to continue for multiple terms representing District 5,” he said. “It has been a tremendous honor, but I concluded after giving a lot of thought that I’m not going to seek election in 2022.

“I would hope to continue to serve my community in a different capacity – but different ways – and spend some time with the family and pursue things that would be of interest to me. I don’t know if that would be travel or exactly what that would be.”

Despite his decision to not seek reelection, Nottoli mentioned that he is committed to honorably completing his current term.

“I do intend to keep working hard to do my best to fairly represent the people of the district and the people of Sacramento County,” he said. “I will do my best to assist people in the ways that I can and then also to work with folks at various levels to improve, but also to maintain, those things that are important to people in their daily lives and certainly in our community life.”

Although Nottoli is beginning his 27th year as a county supervisor, he is in his 43rd year of service with the county. From 1979 to 1994, Nottoli served as the chief assistant to his predecessor, Toby Johnson, who was also a former public school administrator and has an Elk Grove school named in his honor.

In addition to his work as a county supervisor and his service with Johnson, Nottoli served on the Galt City Council in 1978 and as a trustee on the Galt High School District Board throughout his time serving Johnson.

Nottoli mentioned that he feels fortunate to have worked with so many people through his service as a county supervisor.

“I’ve been blessed in so many ways, working with the communities and coming to know thousands of people throughout the district,” he said.

Nottoli recognized the county’s role in responding to challenges that residents in his district face due to impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“(The county is) looking ahead, working on projects that hopefully will help us with (that process), where the county has a role in trying to recover from some of the impacts to our daily lives, but also to our economic recovery,” he said.

He also acknowledged the many people and organizations that have “stepped up” during the pandemic.

“(The pandemic) has tested people’s wherewithal in their daily lives and so forth,” Nottoli said. “But part of public service is that you find people to step up every day, whether it’s health care workers or people in emergency response or people who have helped out friends and neighbors.

“(There is) all the good work that has gone on, whether it’s the food banks or various ministries associated with the faith community, and people helping others. And the adaptation of trying to maintain a small business through it all, and distance learning for people (with) schoolchildren.”

Nottoli mentioned that during the pandemic, the county has continued to work on projects related to such quality-of-life enhancements as improvements to local transportation networks and public safety improvements.

He additionally noted the importance of the next two county budgets that will be evaluated and approved during his current term.

“Certainly, evaluating what the impacts not only have been, but will be as we hopefully emerge from a pandemic and are able to see things reopen and (have recovery) begin,” he said. “Things are going to be challenging, certainly, within the county budget to meet some of the needs and such.

“Part of that is our continued investment within the community, and services and programs that serve people from all walks of life.”

Nottoli mentioned that among the things that he and the county are focused on is aging infrastructure throughout the district.

“I think the need to invest in our deferred maintenance in our county streets and roads (is important),” he said. “Also, I’ve focused, with the county, on infrastructure (such as) libraries. And the American River Parkway has its set of challenges, but it’s still a jewel of this region, and the county has a significant role in overseeing and maintaining (it).”

Nottoli emphasized that he is anticipating his final two years in office.

“I really am looking forward to the next two years to do my best to represent folks,” he said. “It’s been my passion to serve people. I look forward to putting the energy and effort and some of that experience to work.”