George Obi will join the Herald Fire Protection District team as the newest director.

With a 4-0 vote, Herald Fire Protection District (HFPD) directors chose George Obi to fill the vacant seat on the board. With the Thursday night, Jan. 17 decision, Obi will join directors Lindsey Liebig, Dennis Johnson, Heidi Braziel and Brian Hurlbut in governing over the special district.

The seat was empty as only one person, Hurlbut, ran for the two open seats in November 2018, creating the need for the sitting board to choose a fifth board member.

Two letters of interest were submitted, and the sitting directors interviewed each applicant earlier this month.

The final decision was made at the Jan. 17 meeting.

All four directors welcomed Obi to the ranks and expressed they were looking forward to working with him.

Obi has lived in the area for over six years and said he’s looking forward to being more involved in the community.

Obi will be sworn into office at the Feb. 21 meeting.

Election of officers was held at the January meeting. The four directors chose to leave well enough alone, and kept leadership the same as last year, with Liebig as chair, Braziel as vice chair and Hurlbut as clerk.

Later in the meeting, volunteer Fire Chief James Hendricks gave his report. Hendricks notified directors that one of the squads is off line due to damage received during the last big storm.

Fire personnel responded to a lines-down call and, upon arrival, needed to shelter in place inside the vehicle. While waiting for SMUD’s arrival, a tree branch smashed in the back window of the vehicle.

Hendricks also notified directors that firefighter Bippus graduated from the fire academy and that two additional volunteers were brought on board, Johnathan Wilson who is a Cal-Fire engineer and comes with much experience, and Dillon Moore, who is fresh to the industry.