The Galt Police Department held its annual awards ceremony to honor officers, staff and volunteers who go above and beyond to serve the Galt community. The event was held at Horizon Community Church where Pastors Tim Stevenson and Jeff Carl performed a song they wrote, “The Ones in Blue”, to honor the officers.

The Lyrics read:

“It’s a hard thing putting on the blue

Never knowing what they may have to do

Trying to keep a promise they made on that day

To a mom, a spouse, a child that they would find a way

To come home safe when their shift was done

While they protect and serve everyone.”

The awards ceremony is a tradition that Chief Tod Sockman has continued as a way to bring recognition once a year as started by former Chief Bill Bowen.

“During our annual awards ceremony we recognize all of the major accomplishments for the past year of our staff, volunteers, honoring our retirees and their dedication to this profession,” Sockman said.

Officer Frank Fluty received the highest honor as he was awarded the Purple Heart. The Police Purple Heart is issued to officers who are injured, disabled, or killed in the line of duty. The only other Purple Heart in Galt Police history was awarded, posthumously, to Officer Kevin Tonn after his murder.

Corporal Megan Robinson was named Officer of the Year.

“I am honored to be recognized as the officer of the year; however, it is always a team effort, and I appreciate the support from my coworkers,” Robinson said. “It is a pleasure to work on behalf of the citizens of Galt to provide quality public safety”.

Chief Sockman always has public safety on his mind.

“Our staff and volunteers work hard every day to create and strengthen relationships with our community,” Sockman said.

“I want to thank all of the men and women of the Galt Police Department for their hard work and dedication to ensure that Galt remains one of the safest cities in California. I also want to thank our many families and friends for their love and support.”