There were plenty of treats to go around on Oct. 30 at the Old Town Galt Halloween Trick-Or-Treat event, but also quite a few tricks. In exchange for candy, some of the businesses and groups asked children to do a trick, whether that was a quick song, a fun dance or even a silly joke.

The children of Galt also showed off their costume creativity, and the Halloween witches, ghosts and black cats were joined by ninjas, police officers, a plague doctor, superheroes and a T. Rex.

The businesses along Fourth Street, as well as community organizations and some individuals, set up stations to hand out Halloween goodies. L’Chayim of Galt, for example, gave out candy in handmade fabric bags.

The turnout for the two-hour event impressed many of those running tables. Some, like Galt Area Historical Society volunteer Joan Werblun, had prepared hundreds of goodie bags, but she had handed out all her baggies before the end of the night and switched to individual candies.

And the kids’ trick-or-treat hauls were only going to grow even more, Werblun pointed out, because they would venture out again for the main event the next evening.