Editor’s note: All candidates were asked the same questions and were given the same amount of time to submit their answers. Answers are posted as they were received from each candidate. Questions were asked before Sacramento County was moved to the Red Tier on the State’s four-tiered Blueprint for Safer Economy plan. Most candidates answered all questions, other candidates chose not to answer some questions.

Q. If elected, what will be your top three goals?

A. Getting students back into classrooms. I believe this is possible, and has been shown to be possible in many other states, counties and districts throughout the US. Even the CDC approves many of these programs. Getting the political agendas out of our classrooms. Start leaning a bit more towards work learning and stop promoting only a college education. Bringing more teachings of history,family, society, how to work and learning about how to be on your own in the real world. Bring back the necessary hands-on life skills lacking in our children today.

Q. How do you feel about the success of the distance learning being provided by the district?

A. 1. I believe it is a waste of time and is stealing our children’s history! Does not engage students as much, is boring, doesn’t allow for social learning, making of friends, it is stealing each child’s personal, social and educational history

2. I would get rid of it and go back to the classrooms, be it on a time basis, daily basis, (three days per week)(or full time). There is too much evidence that Covid does not affect the student populations as much as is being reported today.

3. Bring them back to campus, many things can be done to test and mitigate for Covid. Many states have gone back to classrooms

4. Teach parents, students, friends what to look for, avoid and prepare for their return by no later than next semester.

5. By calculations (from four teachers) our students are losing approx. 50 hours of education each month. (160hrs down to 105hrs). Over the year that is 400-450 total hours of classroom experience and help. Schools were and are designed to be more than just paper learning. Classrooms provide social, academic, societal and interpersonal educations as well as the paper positing.

Here’s how to bring them back: Simple version:

Seminars to train the parents and students what to look for and how to report it

Temperature testing and questioning by nurse prior to student attending class

Monitor and record all Covid tests. Sick students will be sent home.

Install filters in existing AC units that will cut outside access to virus

Provide air pruifiers/circulators (water born) in classrooms

Provide and train in the use of sanitizers and masks

Q. What would you do to improve distance learning for the students?


Q. What negative side effects from distance learning do you foresee?


Q. And what policies would you like to see to mitigate those effects?


Q. What are your thoughts about students returning to campus?


Q. When allowed, will you seek a waiver to return?

A. What do you mean by a waiver to return? Parents have to sign a waiver that they will not sue the District if their child gets sick? I believe parents should be required to attend a seminar put on by the District explaining the in/outs of the proposed move back to the classrooms.

Q. Now that GHS has a top of the line science building that any “college would be envious” of, how will you ensure equity between high schools?

A. Equity: Define equity.

The District should have NEVER built two schools. At the most the campuses should have been 9/10 and 11/12. That being said, I believe it could still be done. However, I am a realist that knows it won’t be done. How about equity in that no students must be taught in portables instead of new classrooms. Define equity. One school’s population is much poorer than the other, how is that addressed in equity? One school has better security features than the other. What about Estrellita? I obtained a $6.5 Million grant to help struggling students. Their lives and needs are just as important as both LRHS and GHS students.

Look how it has been treated. The kids are treated as second rate students much of the time. One of our most successful programs (Culinary School) has pretty much disappeared.

Should we compare the science bldg. to the Ag Dept at LRHS as well?

Q. As recent events have put financial pressure on the district, how will you prioritize funding?

A. 87% of the budget is already spoken for. Funding is based on our ADA and what we pursue through other financial avenues like Grants. I was able to obtain enough funding from the State Critical Hardship funds to build Estrellita by simply asking a few questions and following through with the process. That IS our job! Ask questions!!

Q. CTE appears to be a major focus within the state and nationally, what are your plans to increase funding for CTE classes?

A. Career Tech Education: Again Estrellita…how about renewing our nursing program, engineering studies, shop classes, diesel mechanics, and others. Contractors, companies, shops and equipment operations are ALL begging for apprentices and students. Possibly seek minor funding from businesses to help promote the CTE course of education.

Q. As the current JPA is drawing to a close and new development continues to come to our area impacting the districts, would you be in favor of creating a new JPA, making bonds for additional funding on new development?

A. This is an issue that should be addressed when the rise in number of students becomes a reality. Galt has grown very little in that past 12 years. 2226 students today from approx. 2200 students then.

Q. The district has received international accolades recently, has had new facilities built, existing buildings upgraded and modified and students receiving national recognition for various accomplishments, what’s next? What would you like to change or improve?

A. Schoolwide, citywide, statewide and home recognition of the student accomplishments. In 2006 Principle Bob Rappley and myself started the GJUHSD sports Hall of Fame. Nothing has been done with it since. Why? Bring into view on a permanent basis all of the accomplishments by our Ag Students, Engineering students, Academic and Tech Ed exemplary students and recognize those who decide to Honor our Country and serve in the Military.

Q. How would you ease the transition from 8th grade to high school?

A. Train our staff to better recognize and respond to students. Summer school.

Q. How would you ensure students feel safe and free from bullying and racism?

A. Why is this a question? If it exists why has the current board not been addressing it? What policies and positions have they taken recently?