Police are seeking information regarding two cases of vandalism that occurred Sunday night.

Sacramento County Sheriff deputies responded to a call at Papas & Wings on the corner of Lincoln Way and C Street after a suspect shattered their plate-glass window on the north end of their restaurant.

Monday morning, employees at O’Hara Realty were greeted with a similar scene. The business also had a window damaged in a similar fashion.

“The officer observed damage to the window, but was not able to determine the source or cause of the damage,” Sgt. Brian Azevedo said. “There are no suspect descriptions in either of those cases.”

Although not necessarily related, Sheriff deputies responded to reports of a subject who was shooting paintballs at pedestrians from a moving vehicle near the Twin Cities Road and Marengo Road intersection.

The vehicle was described as a silver 4-door BMW. Witnesses reported that the passenger in the vehicle shot paintballs at subjects walking on the sidewalk while the vehicle was moving.

Deputies were not able to locate the vehicle by the time they arrived.

“These incidents are similar but there is no evidence to support they are related,” Azevedo said.

Sheriff deputies were answering calls in the city as Galt police officers were gathered at local hospitals in support of their fellow officers who were lying in critical condition due to an accident early Sunday morning.

If you have any information regarding any of these incidents, please call the Galt Police Department at 209-366-7000.