Editor’s note: All candidates were asked the same questions and were given the same amount of time to submit their answers. Answers are posted as they were received from each candidate. Questions were asked before Sacramento County was moved to the Red Tier on the State’s four-tiered Blueprint for Safer Economy plan. Most candidates answered all questions, other candidates chose not to answer some questions.

Q. What will be your top three goals be while on Council?

A. Slow down growth, improve maintenance and bring industry jobs to Galt, support business.

Q. What are your thoughts on how Galt should grow?


Q. Is a “small town feel” important to you and how will you ensure Galt’s “charm” as growth occurs?


Q. Recent controversial projects have come before both the Planning Commission and Council. What decisions would you have made on the following and why:

Notch Annexation

A. I support the annexation but I prefer low density single story homes with larger lot sizes.

Fairway Oaks Annexation

City maintained roads are better than county roads. Curbs, sidewalks etc. are costly so I think it should be done @ the expense of the developer, also that area has been a campground; we need to reach out and help the homeless but not allow the residents to be victims of theft and vandalism. I believe developing this will make it easier to patrol and reach out to help people easier. I am not familiar with all the details of this project @ this time but intend to talk to residents in the area before final decision.

Summerfield Annexation

This is the 1 project that I like the most. It adds larger lots and larger homes than almost all of our current approved projects. The builder sounds like he is willing to go to great lengths to help support our schools and work with local neighbors. I like the idea of our current residents having a high end neighborhood and bring professionals to Galt and likely with the proposed development stay in Galt long term.

Q. A couple of controversial projects are still up in the air, what decisions would you make regarding these plans if elected and why?

Galt Market Plan

A. This land was gifted and I believe it should not be sold. I am open to ideas on effective ways to use the area, we have a new economy and property needs to be used in ways to profit our city and residents.

Carillion Boulevard Project

Knowing many people on the North end of Carillion cars simply get going too fast especially since there is a slight hill right after railroad tracks; there needs to be a way to slow down cars mainly @ the north end. I fear for people being rear ended and worse people crossing the street. I have heard roundabouts, stop signs or possibly traffic lights. There are rumble strips before the park @ corner of Carillion and Walnut. I believe with the already approved Simmerhorn ranch project traffic could become an issue; now is the time to plan ahead and explore many options of ways to handle while keeping traffic flowing smoothly and safely.

Q. The city’s Lighting and Landscape Districts are currently under water and a significant portion of existing homes do not belong to one of the districts. Would you support a city-wide CFD? Why or why not? If you are in support of the CFD, what will you do to make sure it happens?

A. I strongly disagree with City wide CFD’s. I agree that all new developments need to have CFD’s in order to keep up and improve our City’s services. The way I see it; if you want to move to our Great American Little Town new residents will have to help pay for the development costs and City services cannot be sacrificed.

Q. The city routinely seeks new businesses, both small and large, to come to Galt. How will you ensure existing businesses thrive with the new growth?

A. This is one of the areas that I deeply care about. We have heard that we need more residents to attack more businesses; everyone want new dining experiences. I am not a huge fan of big box stores, add one or 2 and loose 3 or 4 of our existing small businesses. I believe we need to do everything possible to help support our existing amazing businesses.

Since we are what people call a bedroom community or a commuter town most residents work out of town. It is my great desire to find ways to expand industry and companies that can provide good jobs to our local people. Most people I know would prefer to work in Galt and be able to spend more time with family then in traffic. We need to roll out the red carpet to get some jobs for our local people in Galt. They will spend their money @ our local business and likely have more time to assist with community.

Q. The COVID pandemic has decimated businesses across the city. What will you support to help the local businesses?

A. Business owners talk to me all the time and many have lost hope; I want Galt to be a place where our businesses feel the love from our city leaders. America was founded on small business.

Q. Last year, Council approved infill incentives for businesses, however buildings still are not filled, would you be in favor of additional incentives to draw businesses?

A. I absolutely would be in favor of short term business incentives to attract and give potential businesses opportunities to get started successfully and know that we are a business friendly community. There are some challenges but together we can make things happen. I will gladly do my best to talk to and help out potential new businesses as long as they are not @ the expense of the local businesses that have been working hard to serve us residents of Galt.

Q. The city has been accused on numerous occasions of not being “transparent”. What does transparency look like to you and what will you do to ensure the city is communicating with the residents?

A. Transparency means telling people the honest truth as well as doing our best to reach out so their voices are heard.

Q. How will you balance the opinion of the citizens who come forward to voice their opinion on an issue before Council versus those who may not speak up?

A. Many people give up if they are not heard and I want them to feel that we care deeply about their concerns as a City. Currently there are a few people whom do speak up loudly on many issues and they are not always correct on doing what’s best for our community.

Q. Will you make decisions based on the majority of voices speaking at meetings, or what you feel, through your research, is best for the overall community? How will you communicate your decision to the residents?

A. Being in business in Galt for nearly 30 years I have fostered many many great business and resident relationships and they know I have their best interests @ heart. Sometimes being a great listener goes a long ways even if disagree on policy.

Q. As racial tensions rise across the country, what policies/procedures would you suggest/support to keep Galt united despite the city’s racial diversity?

A. I believe that all people are children of GOD and regardless of race deserve equality and fair treatment. I love the diversity we have in our town and have wonderful relationships with people of origins. Together we can do more than divided, so I will do my best to keep our community safe and united together as a Great American Little Town! I will be available to all people of all races and their equality is important and the right thing.

Q. As a small town, Galt has generally been a safe community. What would you support to continue the safety within the community, and what would you do to enhance current safety programs?

A. Our current Police and Fire have done a very good job; we have some wonderful people serving us and they need our support in order to maintain our safety. Galt is one of the safer communities in our area and that needs to continue to be the case in the future too.

Q. Due to a budget shortfall, City Council has had to make difficult cuts, much to the public’s dismay – specifically regarding landscaping. If elected, what will you propose to mitigate this situation?

A. This is a huge question, one thing is to address frivolous spending especially when there is conflict of interests more to be revealed later on that subject. As we expand and with all the developments being approved (regardless if I disagreed with most) the last few years will bring in the new approved CFD’s. We need to control spending until we have returned our City to the standards that our people expect. I have reviewed salaries and I do believe people need to be fairly compensated. I believe our pay scales are top heavy and the people at the bottom need a little more until we get budget under control wages @ top should be capped and we need to keep our young motivated staff and employees around by rewarding them, treating them with respect they deserve goes a long ways with people. Greater staff Efficiency can be achieved and many people would take less $$$ to stay in Galt instead of commuting to higher paying jobs out of town. The cost of time and family as well as driving less is appealing to talented people whom care about serving our community. Hiring people whom love Galt, not just the money they can squeeze out of us would be a great start! There are so many talented Galtonians whom if given a chance will surprise many with their talents and gifts.