Curlee 1

Sabrina Curlee (second from right) celebrates her 18th birthday and four years in Interact Club. Curlee is joined by (from left) Rotary members Tracie Cross and Grace Malson, Sunshine Food Pantry Director Faye Gaines, Rotary President Mark King, grandmother Dottie Curlee, and aunt Kim Farhat.

Galt Sunrise Rotary recognized Sabrina Curlee on June 12, celebrating her 18th birthday and her four-year participation in Rotary’s youth affiliate, Interact Club.

“It’s just an amazing experience,” Curlee said. “I did it because I want to interact with people my age and do what feels right for the community and help out. I’ve always been a helping person.”

Curlee was introduced to the club by a friend, and she at first worried that she couldn’t afford to join, but her concerns were quickly put to rest when she found it was free.

“They were doing candygrams for our school and helping with the Sunshine Food pantry, which is amazing.”

For next steps, Curlee looked forward to getting her driver’s license and moving to Sacramento or another city. While her location might change, she planned to stay involved in Rotary.