Donna Settles

Donna Settles is retiring from public service after 23 years working for Galt.

She’s called the city of Galt home for the past 35 years when she and her husband moved to the small community with a young family. For 23 of those years, she’s worked for the city, wearing a number of hats that she now is hanging up.

“We moved to Galt in 1984 with 2-year-old twin boys and continued to add to the family with three more boys,” Settles said. “Three of my sons still live here in Galt with their families. My husband, Dave, retired from the city of Roseville in December 2018 and is anxiously waiting for my retirement to begin so we can do some traveling and spend more time doing things we enjoy.”

Her growing family was another reason Settles looks forward to retirement.

“Together my husband and I have 12 grandchildren, 11 boys and one girl,” Settles said. “I plan on spending more time with the grandkids but not on a set schedule. I am looking forward to spending more time with my husband.”

Her career with the city began in early 1997 when she was hired as an administrative assistant in the city clerk’s office. Now retired City Clerk Liz Haglund brought her on board, and Haglund’s Deputy Clerk Sue Cory trained Settles.

“The city provided the education and professional development for me to earn my certified municipal clerk designation,” Settles said. “I ended my career as the City Clerk, and I am thankful for the opportunities the city has offered me.”

In her tenure, Settles has worked with many city managers, staff members and board members.

“I have enjoyed the many different people with all kinds of backgrounds and education that have served on city council during my 23 years,” Settles said. “It’s exciting and sometimes challenging to work with different personalities every two years who bring different approaches to city government. It keeps the job fresh, and I loved it!”

Settles said she’ll miss her colleagues and the people of Galt that she has been privileged to serve. Her advice to the next City Clerk is to take advantage of all the learning opportunities on the job and the formal training as well.

Settles officially stepped down from the elected City Clerk position last month; her retirement from her “day job” as clerk administrator will begin at the end of October.