Through the release of dashboard camera footage on Oct. 13, the suspect, shot and killed by a Sacramento County Sheriff deputy in Herald Sunday, Oct. 6, was identified as 55-year-old Maurice Holley.

It was later determined that Holley had two outstanding misdemeanor warrants and a criminal history in at least four states, including two states where he served state prison time.

The in-car camera audio and video released includes radio traffic between dispatch and the officer, as well as the verbal and physical interaction between the suspect and the deputy.

Sacramento County Sheriff Department (SSD) Public Information Officer Sergeant Tess Deterding narrates the video, which starts with two calls to 911 about a suspicious man lying in a ditch along Bennett Road.

During both calls, those on the phone indicated that they feared to leave their home or approach the man. The first caller indicated that the man was known to carry a gun, and both callers indicated that the man may be under the influence of drugs.

As the deputy approached, the video shows him make verbal contact with the suspect, who slowly sat up. When asked if he was okay and what he was doing, the suspect said something about a rabbit, but indicated that he was all right.

The suspect then started crawling away from the officer, after which the officer told him to stay still and sit back down; however, the suspect continued to move around.

It is at that time that the officer saw a gun in the suspect’s left-side waistband.

The officer told the suspect to stop moving, at which time it appears in the video, the suspect reached to his side where the gun was located.

According to Deterding, fearing for his safety, the officer then opened fire at the suspect, who was declared deceased at the scene.

Upon further investigation, it was determined that the suspect had an additional gun in his waistband.

Although made to appear as actual weapons, the guns were, in fact, Airsoft BB guns.

The investigation into the incident is being conducted by the Sheriff’s Homicide Bureau and Professional Standards Division, which is standard practice for any officer-involved shooting that occurs in the Sheriff’s Office jurisdiction.

An independent review of the incident will be conducted by the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office.

In accordance with the Sheriff’s Office policies and procedures, the deputy involved in the shooting will be placed on paid administrative leave pending the investigation.

The video can be viewed at Please be advised that the video may not be suitable for sensitive viewers.