Saturday evening, Aug. 7, two vehicles collided with a sound wall along Marengo Road, sending concrete bricks flying into the home on the corner of Elk Hills and Marengo.

According to Galt Police, speed was a factor in the incident, a factor that neighbors say is all too prevalent along that corridor.

Galt Police Lt. Brian Kalinowski said that the initial investigation reports that both vehicles, a silver Mercury Marquis and white Dodge Ram truck, were traveling north on Marengo Road at high rates of speed.

Both drivers, waived off medical attention at the scene and, according to one witness, the Marquis driver from Galt appeared to be more worried about what his grandmother would think than the actual accident itself.

The preliminary report said that the 18-year-old Marquis driver attempted to make a left hand turn onto Elk Hills Drive just as the 21-year-old Ram driver from Lockeford attempted to pass when the two hit, sending them both into the sound wall on the northwest corner of the intersection.

Although the cinderblock sound wall stopped the Marquis, the Dodge Ram knocked the wall down, hurling the truck and concrete debris into the outer walls of the home.

The sound wall slowed the truck down, but the impact was still forceful enough that it knocked pictures off the wall in the bedroom and knocked the bed along that outer wall into the nightstand, knocking over a glass of water.

No one was home at the residence at the time of the accident.

According to one neighbor, who wishes to remain anonymous due to fear of retaliation, drivers are often speeding down Marengo and Elk Hills, not paying attention nor caring about the dangerous way they drive.

In fact, a less invasive accident happened just four months ago that saw another vehicle strike the sound wall just south of Saturday’s collision.

And since the pandemic, the neighbor said matters have only gotten worse, with young adults doing “donuts” and peeling out from the intersection.

The corridor sports a nice walking area, where local residents are often seen using the wide sidewalks, enjoying the scenery.

“I can’t imagine what could have happened had someone been walking along that area,” the neighbor said. “This would have been a lot worse.”

As it was, thousands of dollars worth of property damage to the home is just one result from the reckless driving, as well as curb, gutter and sound wall damage, not to mention both vehicles were totaled in the incident.