Near the end of the special board meeting through teleconference on Aug. 6, Galt Joint Union High School District’s (GJUHSD) Superintendent William Spalding unveiled the newly completed CTE (Career and Technical Education) science building at Galt High School. Spalding said it was the final project with the Measure E funds and the “crowning achievement” for students now and in the future. He called his presentation a “virtual ribbon cutting.”

“This was a $12 million project,” Spalding said. “It has 11 classrooms and labs. Robland construction did a great job and came in on time and on budget.”

Board members were treated to a sneak preview of the building and each thanked Spalding for his contributions to its completion, remembering the dilapidated portables that once housed many classes.

“This amazing building is a state-of-the-art modern building for our students, graciously made possible by the taxpayers through Measure E,” Spalding said. “It really is the ‘jewel in the crown.’ It replaces some old portable buildings, and offers spacious, contemporary classrooms with cutting edge classroom furniture, as well as outstanding, large science labs that would be the envy of any college.”

The classrooms and labs feature furniture to work for both instructors and students.

“It’s the new thinking in classroom furniture,” Spalding said. “They are easily moved chairs with adjustable heights and with rolling tables that can be raised or lowered. Teachers can arrange them however they want.”

A number of educators had input into the project, according to Spalding. He thanked Kevin Clemons, project director. Assistant Principal Jason Lopez who teaches science was a major influence in the design, according to Spalding.

Galt High Principal Kellie Beck calls the outside landscaping the campus “Zen garden” and the new site has a number of outdoor venues. A water molecule is etched into the gathering patio with plenty of places for students to sit and enjoy the new structures.

The classrooms will be used for science and for teaching other subjects with expandable, lit white boards at the front of each classroom.

“Classrooms will be available for Ag classes, but used primarily for science and a mix of other subjects,” Spalding said. “Another pair of classrooms for Galt Ag is still under construction, due to be finished in December. We look forward to when our students can return physically and really enjoy and appreciate their new classrooms.”