The city of Galt has begun the time period for public comments on California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) reports for three projects requiring annexation. The Simmerhorn Ranch Project, Fairway Oaks and County Island Annexation, and Summerfield at Twin Cities Road CEQAs’ public review period began May 29 and will close June 29.

Simmerhorn Ranch Project

The Simmerhorn Ranch Project annexation encompasses 338 acres. After public review, the project will go to the Galt Planning Commission for both an initial public hearing, then approval. After the Planning Commission, the annexation plan will head to City Council for a public hearing and initial vote by Councilmembers, with the Sept. 15 City Council meeting projected to be the final vote of approval from Council.

Simmerhorn Ranch Project is also known as the Notch Area. Elliot Homes has plans for 119 acres of the Notch Area bordered by Simmerhorn Road to the north, Marengo to the east and Boessow to the south.

According to Community Development Director Chris Erias, Elliott Homes’ plans include 429 single-family homes, a site for a future elementary school, a park site, public landscaping and water detention basins.

“This is an important project for the city,” Erias said. It helps to provide a better overall city boundary by annexing all property west of Marengo. More importantly, it will improve the city’s circulation between east and west by connecting Carillion Boulevard and Marengo to A Street extended and to C Street/Boessow Road. As you know, Galt has often been described as two cities, the new growth area in the northeast and Downtown/Old Town and the more traditional city in the southwest. Highway 99 is a barrier creating the “two cities”. Increasing overall circulation will help connect the two regions and help make the city whole.”

Should the annexation be completed, a number of county residents will then be within city limits. On March 4, many of these residents showed up at a city presentation of the project.

According to Erias, the change from county to city gives some landowners cause for concern.

“Some property owners do not support annexation and the project,” Erias said. “They are fearful of the annexation and the need to adhere to city rules versus county. Plus, development of the 120 acres will bring more people and traffic through the neighborhood. Those are certainly valid reasons to be concerned about the project. However, as mentioned below, this is a good project for the city. The area has been in the city’s growth plans for a long time.”

Erias said he would keep the public informed of important dates and meetings.

“We’ll send out notices for the meetings closer to the meeting dates,” Erias said. They are subject to change, but I am hoping to stay on schedule. I prefer in-person meetings; however, we will hold Zoom meetings if we are unable to meet in person. We are required to adhere to development timelines per state law, and the state has determined that the electronic format is an acceptable form to conduct public hearings. But, again, my preference would be in person.”

Fairway Oaks and County Island

The Fairway Oaks and County Island Annexation project is also in its public review period, with an ending date of June 29.

The Fairway Oaks project totals just over 50 acres and will include 173 lots for single family homes, with 12 acres dedicated to open space along the Dry Creek corridor. The project is located just west of Highway 99, between Glendale Avenue and Ranch Road.

The project needs additional access points, and is seeking to annex in an adjoining “county island” which has roads that, when improved, can be used for access.

According to city staff, the annexation will provide more efficient municipal services to those in the island area. Recently, a county resident in the area contracted with a cell phone service provider to build a tower on his property. Many residents in the area petitioned the city to put a stop to this. Unfortunately, because it was in the county island area, the city of Galt had no jurisdiction over the erection of the tower.

The third CEQA under review, until June 29, is the Summerfield at Twin Cities Road.

Summerfield at Twin Cities

The Summerfield property is approximately 58 acres, located just north of Twin Cities Road at the Marengo and Twin Cities Road intersection.

This is a proposed private gated community with its main access from Twin Cities Road at that intersection. A second access is planned from Twin Cities just west of Marengo Road.

The development plan includes 211 single-family lots and a 2.2-acre private park.

The CEQA documents can be found on the city’s website.