Grim reapers, fairytale princesses, ladybugs and buzzing bees populated the Old Town Galt district when the merchants on Fourth and C streets opened up for trick-or-treating on Halloween night. The Old Town event was the second in back-to-back public events available to local ghosts and goblins.

The Halloween season kicked off Friday night with the city of Galt’s Spookishly Fun Family Night. As the saying goes, “if you build it, they will come,” and attend they did. More than 550 cars carrying more that 800 eager young ones took a drive down the Trunk or Treat Lane in the softball complex’s parking lot as the sun was setting for the evening.

“It was a huge success,” Parks and Recreation Director Armando Solis said. “As we set up the thought was, ‘will any come?’ Oh boy, did they come! It exceeded all of our expectations.”

The event was planned in lieu of previous years’ events, which found participants on Veterans field walking to various merchant tables to trick or treat, after which they would snuggle up on blankets to watch a movie. Event planners felt the drive through trunk or treat provided an easier way to provide social distancing in light of the pandemic. Those passing out candy wore masks and gloves to help prevent the spread of germs. Participants at this year’s event were able to watch a shorter Halloween film, drive-in movie style.

More than 45 trunks were all decked out with various themes, each one seeming to try to outdo the other. Top of the list of favorites for the trunk or treaters was the Coffee Shop Bakery’s skeletal display. Almost straight out a scene from Disneyland, the bakery’s setup included a broken down Land Rover with its whip-wielding skeletal driver still at the wheel. Contents from the vehicle were scattered across the grounds, including giant burlap bags of coffee beans. An additional skeleton was busy typing, perhaps recording each witch and warlock passing by. The scene was completed with eerie jungle sounds. Bakery staff handed out a brown bag full of candy for each vehicle, much to the disappointment to the adult drivers who thought they were being handed a bag of fresh coffee beans.

Another crowd favorite was presented by Y2 Yan Chinese Cuisine. Their giant pyramid display of Chinese boxes filled with surprises was a sight worth seeing. Eyes lit up with delight when each child was handed a box with extra long grabber tools.

From Disney friends to Kung Fu Panda and spider web nightmares to the Wizard of Oz, local organizations and businesses did their best to keep up with the demand of the seemingly never ending line of cars.

Many drivers reported that they waited in line for nearly two hours, just to reach Trunk or Treat Lane.

“It was a long wait, especially for the littles, but overall it was definitely worth the wait,” Candy Drumel said. “It’s about time we are able to go out and do something. The kids have been so restless, and this mom is even more.”

Solis would like to thank all of the businesses and organizations that participated, with a specific thank you to Cal-Waste for their continued support, and Family Life Church and Horizon Church.

But Solis said a special thank you needs to go to Jackie Garcia and her staff for “pulling off another incredible event.”

Almost a scene taken from a Hallmark movie, Saturday night’s trick or treating in Old Town was a huge success. Hundreds of trick or treaters descended on the down town area to get their fill of sweet delicacies.

Costumes were adorned by children and adults alike, from families dressed in storybook themed characters to giant walking muppets, Fourth Street was packed with eager characters. Peter Pan, being carried by Captain Hook and Tinker Bell, could be seen walking the street, along with Elmo, Big Bird, the Grinch, Spiderman and even Godzilla, to name just a few special creatures that roamed Old Town.

“It is so wonderful to see our town come out and enjoy an evening together,” Yesenia Gonzales said. “It almost felt like we were in one of those Hallmark movies about a quiet little town. Well, I guess we are a quiet little town.”

Little Angelica, 5, was mostly happy with the evening.

“I like getting candy,” said Angelica, who was dressed as a butterfly. “I didn’t like the scary things, I didn’t like those.”