Read all seven Harry Potter books, the 13 stories in “A Series of Unfortunate Events” and no fewer than 15 novels on the adventures of Percy Jackson, and you’ll be about three-quarters of the way to matching Jonathan Jimenez’s reading list.

The Valley Oaks Elementary School fifth grader read more than 4 million words this school year, and he, along with other students who had read more than 1 million words, were recognized June 3 at the school’s Friday Sing assembly. Fellow student Viviannah Gibson read more than 2 million words.

In addition, 283 students met all of their reading goals. Those students, and the kindergartners and first graders, got to play on an inflatable water slide this week.

Jonathan said he liked the Harry Potter series the most. His favorite book in each series was always the last because it would have the most action and wrap up the many hours he’d spent to reach the final page.