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The youth commissioners after officer elections, from left: Kareena Lallian, Alexia Bulahan, Mikey Brixey, Jasan Kaur, Genevieve Akers, Josh Cullers, Kayson Jones, Lauren Caron, Alexis Gold and Alexa Murillo Cuevas

The Galt Youth Commission selected its slate of officers for the 2022-23 school year at its Sept. 12 regular meeting.

The new officers are as follows:

Chair – Jasan Kaur

Vice chair – Genevieve Akers

Secretary – Kareena Lallian

Treasurer – Lauren Caron

Sergeant-at-arms – Kayson Jones

Public relations – Alexis Gold

Council liaison – Josh Cullers

Fundraising – Alexa Murillo Cuevas

Each commissioner interested in a position spoke to their fellow members about their qualifications before the group voted.

Before being chosen as chair, Kaur said she has always been interested in politics but had been “afraid to be a leader.” Now, though, she was “really excited for this opportunity.” Kaur said she wants to help youth and improve animal welfare in the community.

“I also want to be that person you guys can go to whenever, be that person that you guys can go to for help, and I also want to unite us with the members of Galt,” the Liberty Ranch High School senior said.

For Kaur, Lallian and Jones, these were their first officer roles. Akers, Caron, Gold, Cullers and Murillo Cuevas have previously served as officers, with Akers getting a second year as vice chair.