Photo by Paige Lampson

Galt High School sophomore Alexa Murillo Cuevas is the 2021-22 Galt Youth Commission Chair.

The Galt Youth Commission on Sept. 13 voted for its slate of officers for the 2021-22 school year. It considered but put off a final decision on a proposed City Council liaison position.

The newly elected officers are as follows: Chair, Alexa Murillo Cuevas; vice chair, Genevieve Akers; secretary, Ysabella Sosa; treasurer, Star Enriquez; public relations, Damaris Ramirez; fundraising, Lauren Caron; and sergeant-at-arms, Josh Cullers.

Both Murillo Cuevas and Akers have previously served as officers, having been the treasurer and the secretary, respectively.

Before the commissioners cast their votes, Murillo Cuevas said in a speech that the communication and organization skills she has gained on the commission would help her carry out the role.

“I hope that by running for chair, and possibly being elected, I can help us all have a great year,” Murillo Cuevas said.

As vice chair, Akers will run meetings if the chair is unable to attend. She promised to use her experience on the commission to ensure meetings move efficiently.

New members Enriquez, Ramirez, Caron and Cullers took up their first positions in the commission.

The commissioners held off on creating a City Council liaison, which would occasionally attend Council meetings to update the council members on Youth Commission goings-on.

At the Aug. 2 commission meeting, Mayor Shawn Farmer, who is one of the body’s adult mentors, had suggested having the position rotate, to give each of the commissioners public-speaking experience.

“I would love to see that be something that really gets people out of their bubble,” Farmer said at the time. He recalled being “mortified” by the prospect of public speaking as a child and thought the liaison role would help the commissioners reduce any of their discomfort.

At the September meeting, Enriquez noted that two members were absent, so the commission chose to table the item.