Government ignores problems


I’m confused; maybe you can answer this? Does changing the term “illegal” to “undocumented” make it legal? How about changing “liberal” to “progressive”? Does that somehow move you away from the cliff and into the center? Does calling people “unhoused” instead of “homeless” cure their alcoholism, drug addiction or create a healthier mind?

Millions of California families can’t afford to buy gas to commute to work and our state leaders keep pushing our citizens onto an all-electric economy that our infrastructure may never be able to support, while at the same time trying to cram an unbelievably socialist agenda down our throats. How about the Assembly bill allowing teenagers 15 and up to seek and obtain all types of medical care and treatment without the knowledge or permission of a parent? These include such life-changing treatments as abortions and sex-change treatment and surgery. I don’t know about you, but I think more, not less, parent involvement is needed in our children’s lives.

California is burning and Gavin Newsom keeps playing his violin. Thousands of tax-paying families move out of California every month and our Legislature lives in denial. Sooner or later our bloated, unresponsive state government will implode under its own weight.

I know requiring honest gun owners to have liability insurance to possess a firearm will stop crime and make our streets safer, not (another law being debated in the statehouse). As sure as the sun rises and sets, bad guys will get guns (illegally). Maybe attacking gang violence and not early-releasing felons, like some of the shooters in our recent Old Sacramento shootout, might be a good place to start.

I don’t care if you call yourself Democrat, Republican, independent or whatever, we need some honest, commonsense solutions and it starts at the ballot box. But I don’t think we will see any solutions from state government, at least in the near future. Our citizens need to demand better! It will only get worse until we do. Just sayin’.

Don Siegalkoff