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Rack Locations

Galt Herald News rack locations

Galt Herald 604 N. Lincoln Way Galt

Valero 627 N. Lincoln Way Galt

More 4 Less 702 N. Lincoln Way Galt

Sqeeze Inn 545 Industrial Dr. Galt

76 Gas 700 C St. Galt

Dry Creek Liq. 630 C St. Galt

Velvet Creamery 400 4th St. #100 Galt

Quik Stop 602 4th St. Galt

Collierville Country Store 3706 Collier Dr. Acampo

Cafe Latte 1000 C St. #70 Galt

Express Lane Chevron 301 Pine St. Galt

Fancy Donuts 1067 C St. #130 Galt

CVS 1063 C St. Galt

Savemart 1059 C St. Galt

Denny's 1055 C St. Galt

Galt Supermarket 814 A St. Galt

It's A Grind 10420 Twin Cities Rd. Galt

Raley's 10430 Twin Cities Rd. Galt

Raley's Aisle One 10450 Twin Cities Rd. Galt

Walmart 10470 Twin Cities Rd. Galt

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