The UC Davis women’s volleyball team was one of 96 NCAA Division I programs to be honored by the American Volleyball Coaches Association with its Community Voting Award for its 100 percent team participation in the 2020 November election.

Exercising their civic duty and participating in the democratic process, all eligible student-athletes and staff made their voices heard at the ballot boxes in the most recent national election, which set records with more than 157 million people casting votes and increased turnout in every state.

“Our goal as leaders of young people is to model responsible behavior and to instill good habits,” said AVCA Executive Director Kathy DeBoer in a press release. “Whether it’s the court, the classroom, or the voting booth, coaches matter in the lives of their players. This award is another way to highlight that fact.”

Winning teams receive a congratulatory letter, a frameable certificate, and the AVCA will send a letter of acknowledgement to the institution’s director of athletics and president. The AVCA Community Voting Award will be offered again in November 2022, the next national election day.