With the intention to provide an elevated experience for youth softball players in Galt, Galt Youth Baseball will be taking over the softball program previously provided by the City of Galt Parks and Recreation.

In last week’s Galt city council meeting, the council voted to let Galt Youth Baseball add softball to its program after GYB had sent a letter to the city on Sept. 20 asking if it could add softball for ages 6-14 years old for next season.

GYB previously took over the city’s baseball program for ages 9-18 in 1995, and added baseball for ages 5-8 in 2017.

“I think the vision for us is just to grown youth softball in our county, try to get those girls excited and want to continue on to the next level to high school and to slowly and hopefully work their way into college,” GYB President Jason Adversalo said during the meeting, which took place online Nov. 17.

Galt Parks and Rec will continue to offer T-ball for ages 4-5 at Veterans Field as well as adult softball.

GYB will hold softball games at the Sports Complex and at McCaffrey Middle School. High school softball teams will continue to play at the Sports Complex.

Before the vote, a price concern was brought up about whether lower income families will be able to afford to play under GYB’s prices.

Galt Parks and Rec had been offering softball at $85 for 6-year-olds and $100 for 14-year-olds for an eight-game season plus a playoff game, T-shirt and visor, while GYB will offer softball for $100 for 5- to 6-year olds for 12 games plus a single-elimination playoff system, $130 for 7- to 8-year-olds for 14 games and a double-elimination tournament, $150 for 9- to 10-year-olds for 14 games and a double-elimination tournament, $160 for ages 11-12 and $160 for aes 13-14. All age levels would receive a jersey and choice of a hat or visor, according to Adversalo.

Adversalo said that for any low-income families, GYB will do whatever they can to ensure kids can play.

“That’s our vision to bring the community together and to grow the softball community more than what it is right now.”

In eliminating softball as GYB adds softball, Galt Parks and Rec would be saving a total of $6,540, thanks to factors such as reduced expenses and revenue in the form of a player participant fee paid by GYB.

However, Galt Parks and Rec Director Armando Solis stressed before the vote that the move is not about cost-saving.

“I think this is a good move for the girls program. Again, we’ve had a partnership with Galt Youth Baseball for over 25 years. I will sit here and tell you publicly that they are the best nonprofit that we’ve worked with. They give back to the city, they maintain their fields, they put money back into the parks and facilities they use, so I don’t want anybody to be confused that this is about money. This is about a good home for that girls’ program,” Solis said.