In her short time at Galt High School, Angela DaPrato had helped the varsity girls basketball team double the amount of wins the program had had the previous year and thought she was on her way to working on long-term goals with the program.

Just over a year later, DaPrato is suing the Galt Joint Unified High School District after alleging that she experienced harassment and unequal treatment of her team and that nothing was done to resolve it.

DaPrato, who coached the girls’ basketball team during the 2018-19 season, said through her attorney that the point of the lawsuit is to bring awareness to what she alleges was unequal treatment for the varsity girls team during her time as head coach as well as not being heard when she brought up issues with Galt varsity boys basketball coach Lee McCowan.

In the lawsuit, DaPrato alleged that when she brought up concerns to GHS administration, including Principal Kellie Beck and then-athletic director Matt Silva that she had about McCowan, who she claims waited for for over an hour in the parking lot once at GHS after a girls basketball game and who also allegedly interrupted a varsity girls basketball practice to hold his own practice for the boys varsity basketball team, during which he allegedly instructed his players to run a drill where DaPrato was standing on the court, that neither Beck nor Silva took action to successfully stop the alleged offending behavior from happening again.

Neither Beck nor Silva responded to requests for comment on the lawsuit.

William Wright, attorney for DaPrato and a law professor at Lincoln Law School, said that the lawsuit is centered on creating change.

“She wants to make sure this doesn’t happen to other woman students and woman coaches at Galt High. It’s not a money thing. She actually lost money working there, buying food (for her athletes, (and spending money on things such as) the banquet. It was about developing the lives of these young women,” Wright said on June 23. “They encouraged her to stand up. [Concerning] the harassment and having practice time taken away by the boys [program], they should all be equal, that’s what Title IX says.”

DaPrato’s lawsuit is on the Galt Joint Union High School District’s closed session agenda for June 25.