The G-A-L-T Shooters competed Dec. 2 at the Sporting Clays State Tournament.

On Dec. 2 at Quail Point, 18 athletes from the G-A-L-T Shooters competed in the Sporting Clays State Tournament.

The tournament had 15 high school teams and six club teams with about 250 athletes competing in it this year.

Varsity end up in fifth place overall with the top shooters Richie Maberto scoring an 81 and teammate Jackson Lawrie scoring a 80 to put the team up in fifth place.

The JV team also walked away with two trophies, including a third place for all four series shoots starting back in September and a third place finish at state with top shooters Colton Smith scoring a 78 and Cody Flint scoring a 77.

Also on Dec. 12 at Liberty Ranch Library from 6 to 8 p.m., the team will be have sign-ups for the upcoming season in bunker , skeet, and trap for anyone interested in joining the team.