Galt Warrior girls basketball along with their new coach Josh Dela Cruz were ready to play against El Dorado this week. The game was neck and neck, giving El Dorado a run for their money until the last quarter. The Warriors fell with a score of 29-42.

Brooklynn Beck was the top scorer finding the net for 10 points. Sarah Reece and Adamary Herrera each dropped 7, while Nevaeh Pate was the free throw queen with 5 points.

Head Coach Dela Cruz is seeing the ladies give their ultimate effort each week.

“I think the girls gave the best effort that they have given all year,” said Dela Cruz.

“They worked so hard and deserve props. It was a 32-minute game and I think we gave it our all for 27 minutes. The last five minutes is where we were exhausted and kind of fell apart and made tired mistakes because we could no longer make the plays.”

Dela Cruz knows time is on their side as the season is young.

“As time goes on, those turnovers, and those plays will be in our favor as we learn and play more as a cohesive unit. We will have more opportunities to win.”