Galt High School stunt set up their new mats for the very first time last Wednesday in a dual meet against El Dorado and Liberty Ranch.

The Warriors beat El Dorado in a nail biter game that came down to the last play, 8-7. Liberty Ranch also beat El Dorado 18-2. The last game was between Liberty Ranch and Galt, and the defending league champion Hawks beat Galt 14-2.

Galt head coach Heather Hunt couldn’t have been happier with their performance. “We won our first league game of the season in the first ever home game we played,” said Hunt. “I think our girls were a little nervous at first, but actually everything went great and all the practice showed in the girls’ performance. I have a brand-new team this year, so we have been working on skill sets, learning the basics, and going from there, and maybe one day we will be right up there with Liberty.”

Stunt is played with three officials. One is a referee on the floor and two are judges at the top of the bleachers who determine which team performed the skill the best and with the proper timing.