In checking out the inside of the press box at Erv Hatzenbuhler Field at Warrior Stadium for the first time, Galt High School Assistant Principal Alan Posey looked out onto the bold colors on the new turf field at Galt High School and noted that the field’s colors had already struck a chord with one of the companies involved in building the field.

“The company that installed the turf has done like eight of them in the last six months and they said our color scheme and fonts on the field were among the best that they’ve seen. They were really impressed with how it turned out,” Posey said.

The red G logo in the center of the field as well as ‘GALT’ that covers one end zone and ‘WARRIORS’ on the opposite end zone stand out and athletes, Warrior alumni and community members had a chance to see the redone field in its nearly completed state as Galt administration, Galt Joint Union High School District Superintendent William Spalding and the GJUHSD board were on hand to cut the ribbon to Erv Hatzenbuhler Field at Warrior Stadium.

“It’s going to be exciting,” Lampson said of the upcoming sports events that will be held in the revamped stadium. “I think you guys are going to break some records with the new all-weather track,” Lampson said to the student-athletes in attendance after noting that her own daughter and other students had broken records on the former dirt track.

“I am forever thankful on behalf of our students for the support, for the passage of this bond to make these projects happen,” Galt Principal Kellie Beck told the crowd before the tour of the field and the site of the new science building. “We will again be celebrating the stadium at our first home game scheduled Friday, Aug. 23 against Woodland Christian, and I will have much gratitude for my football team if they bring us home our first win that evening, no pressure,” joked Beck.

The stadium, which includes new grandstands, turf, track and press box, cost $8.8 million and, while its completion was delayed by rain, it will be ready before the new school year.

Most noticeably, the Warriors are waiting on the Erv Hatzenbuhler sign, and the track needs to be striped.

“I’m excited to see that first football game out there, I’m excited to see the first soccer game out there, I’m excited to see the first track and field [meet],” GJUHSD Board President Dan Denier said.