Liberty Ranch and Galt swim teams competed and held a joint senior night last Friday.  This season has been proven to be especially difficult finding practice places and times with both the Galt city and the Galt High pools out of commission as the season started.

The city of Elk Grove was kind enough to let them practice at their new aquatic center, but getting there and practice times weren’t always ideal.  Now that the Galt pool has been repaired and updated, the younger Galt Gators are practicing, so the high school students practice from 7-9 at night.

The Liberty Ranch women came out over Galt 67-45 and the Hawk boys also won 74-50 over Galt.  Quite a few athletes from both schools qualified individually for section finals.

Women’s results:

200 Medley Relay; 1st-Liberty Ranch (LR) Haley Smith, Shelby Redding, Sofia Munoz, Drew Amrine 2:38, 2nd Galt (G) Nancy Sanchez Reyes, Catalina Mejia Baez, Victoria Granados, Kayli Juarez 3:09.

200 Free; 1st-Drew Amrine LR 3:26.

200 IM-1st Haley Smith LR 3:02

50 Free-LR senior Sofia Munoz blew the competition away at 26:77, 2nd Yeiry Sanchez Reyes G 38.62, 3rd Yocelin Sanchez Reyes G 39.15.

100 Free-1st Victoria Granados G 1:07, 2nd Shelby Redding LR 1:28, 3rd Yeira Sanchez Reyes G 1:31.

500 Free- 1st Haley Smith LR 7:21, 2nd Catalina Mejia Baez G 7:45, 3rd Amanda Thompson LR 10.00.

200 Free Relay-1st Galt Yocelin Sanchez Reyes, Yeiry Sanchez Reyes, Victoria Granados, Catalina Mejia Baez 2:23, 2nd Liberty  Haley smith, Aliza Rodriguez, Amanda Thompson, Sofia Munoz 2:35.

100 Back-1st Sofia Munoz LR 1:12, 2nd Victoria Granados G 1:24, 3rd Catalina Mejia Baez G 1:40.

100 Breast-1st Shelby Redding LR 1:43, 2nd Nancy Sanchez Reyes G.

400 Free Relay-Liberty 1st Shelby Redding, Amanda Thompson, Aliza Rodriguez, Drew Amrine 6:40, Galt did not compete.

Men’s results:

200 Medley Relay-1st Liberty Ranch; Adam Behmann, Luke Ortega, Flynn Rausser, LJ Munoz 1:58, 2nd Galt; Levi McDonald, Jayden Tackett, Logan Rose, Hayden Miller 2:05.

200 Free-1st Logan Rose G 2:09, 2nd Nicholas Ibanez-Garcia LR 3:11.

200 IM-1st Flynn Rausser LR 2:41.

50 Free-1st Luke Ortega LR 24:50, 2nd Logan Rose G 26:94, 3rd Hayden Miller G 30:42.

100 Fly-1st LJ Munoz LR 1:07

100 Free- 1st Adam Behmann LR 58:64, 2nd Jayden Tackett G 1:06, 3rd Hayden Miller G 1:13.

500 Free-1st Luke Ortega LR 5:17, 2nd Levi McDonald G 5:41, 3rd Flynn Rausser LR 6:08.

200 Free Relay-1st Galt; Jayden Tackett, Logan Rose, Levi McDonald, Hayden Miller 1:51.69, 2nd Liberty; Nicholas Ibanez-Garcia, PJ Baker, Zach Baker, Flynn Rausser 2:29.26.

100 Back-1st Jayden Tackett G 1:30, 2nd Zach Baker LR 2:01.

100 Breast-1st Adam Behmann LR 1:22, 2nd Jaydon Tackett G 1:30, 3rd PJ Baker LR 2:06.

400Relay-1st Adam Behmann, Nicholas Ibanez-Garcia, LJ Munoz, Luke Ortega LR 4:20. Galt did not field a team for this race.