Liberty Ranch golf faced their crosstown rival Galt High last week. The Hawks came out on top with the lower score of 273 vs. the Warriors’ 327.

Hawk head coach Mike Turpin is seeing some improvement in his team. “It was a good win against Galt,” said Turpin. “It was the first time we were able to play at our home course. The boys are improving, and they are having some fun out there.”

Low scorer for the Hawks was Ben Mitchell with 49, followed by Sean O’Brien 50, Kobe Aguillen 52, Jack Radford 60, and Wyatt Blevins 62.

The low score holder for the Warriors was Tucker Alexander with 58, followed by Josh Basto 59, Cash Myrick 70, Andre Saldivar 74, and Austin Sullivan 76.

Both will play in the first league tournament on Monday, April 10, at Cold Springs Country Club up in Placerville.

The Hawks are 3-2 in the league.