Last Friday was homecoming for Galt High School. It was their first league game of the season against Rosemont.

The Wolverines broke through the Warrior defense early in the game and scored twice. Galt was able to hold them back from their extra points, however.

While one or two players don’t make a team, the Warriors had some notable absences with one wide receiver suspended; and another major player, who is also a wide receiver, injured his ankle in the first few minutes and wasn’t able to finish the game. The first quarter ended with the Warriors down 0-12.

The Warrior defense couldn’t stop the Wolverines as rusher after rusher broke away from the line and scored.

At half, the Warriors were down 0-37.

Things didn’t go much better in the third quarter, and the buzzer sounded with the Warriors down 0-44.

Finally in the fourth quarter, Alex Maravilla sacked the Rosemont quarterback and the Warriors had the ball once again.

Quarterback Cole Erman said, “Fourth quarter, Warrior quarter” and kept the ball himself as he zigged and zagged across the field three times and made his way 61 yards into the end zone for Galt’s only score of the night.

The game went to a running clock, and the Warriors almost scored again when Mason Tassano completed a down by diving and catching a tipped ball. Tassano, a senior playing for the first time, had four receptions for 38 yards. The only player that had more yards was Erman.

Tassano was asked what his strategy was and responded, “I was just trying to catch the ball,” said Tassano. “It was my first game playing wide receiver. I was trying to go after the ball and play as hard as I could, and the line was there to back me up and give me the time and space to do that.”

The final score was 7-51. Head coach Mervin Brookins had no comments for the press after the game.

Galt will face Union Mine this Friday in their last home game of the season.

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