Hughes runs through the defensive

Brett Hughes runs through the defensive hole created by Dominic Perez and Gavin O’brien.

Liberty Ranch came to play Friday and on the second play after receiving the kickoff, Arthur Draeger ran 60 yards into the end zone and started Liberty Ranch’s dominance that would continue till the final buzzer.

Head Coach Anthony Linebaugh has seen his team improve each game throughout the season.

“What a joy it was to earn the first football playoff win on campus,” said Linebaugh.

“I am very proud of our team. We are looking forward to our round two game vs. Argonaut this coming Friday.”

The rest of the first quarter had little scoring as Liberty Ranch defense kept Gustine from making the down and they punted back to the Hawks. However, Liberty was not able to score even though they were within yards of the goal and gave the ball back to Gustine.

However, this time the Gustine Reds were able to find the end zone with 1:29 left in the first quarter.

The quarter ended with Liberty Ranch in control of the ball with a 7-7 score.

On a series of carries the Hawks worked their way toward the goal and defensive end Maximus Adversalo punched through the Red defense where Brett Hughes followed him into the end zone for another Liberty Ranch touchdown.  Quarterback Logan McCreery kicked the extra point putting the Hawks up 14-7.

McCreery kicked off and Gustine caught the ball on the 15 and were able to run it up to the 35-yard line where McCreery himself had to stop the runner.

Gustine got close enough to kick a field goal on their fourth down and the score was Liberty Ranch 14, Gustine 10 with 5:51 left in the first half.

Liberty Ranch kept their momentum and McCreery threw to Carson Trefz in the end zone and the Hawks scored again.

Gustine tried to respond but couldn’t quite get it into the end zone, so they kicked a field goal from the 30, ending the first half with Liberty Ranch 21, Gustine 13.

At the start of the second half, the Hawks kicked off to the Reds, but the Hawk defense held them, and they were forced to punt.

The Hawks were not to be denied, and running back Arthur Draeger pushed through for another score, 28-13.

After receiving the kickoff, Gustine was unable to move and lost the ball on the fourth down. The Hawks took the ball over again as the fourth quarter began.

Dreager was able to grab a reception in the end zone from McCreery, putting the Hawks even further ahead at 35-13 with 9:49 left in the fourth quarter.

Kinyaa’aanii Nuno battled his way into the end zone for the Hawks once again and the score was 42-13 with 3:57 left in the game.

At that point, Gustine quarterback Giovanni Quezada decided to keep the ball himself and ran 81 yards into the Hawk end zone. Liberty Ranch stopped their attempt at a two-point conversion and the score was Liberty Ranch 42, Gustine 19 with 2:14 left in the game.

Liberty ran the clock down and took a knee at the end of the game.

Guard and Defensive End Maximus Adversalo loves the game and his teammates.

“I am proud of our O-line for blocking it up and creating holes for our running backs along with the backs always pushing for the extra yards,” said Adversalo.

“I believe that if we keep playing our game and stay focused, we will make it a long way.  I am so glad to have this special opportunity to keep playing a game I love with my brothers.”

Arthur Draeger had 227 rushing yards on 25 carries. Draeger also rushed for 2 touchdowns and caught a touchdown pass as well. Kinyaa’aanii Nuno and Brett Hughes also rushed for touchdowns while Carson Trefz made a nice, contested touchdown grab.

Logan Mc Creery threw two touchdowns, Kymani Fenika contributed 10 tackles and Max Adversalo added a sack and a tackle for a loss.

The Hawks will play Argonaut this Friday at Argonaut.