The Warriors hosted the Hawks at home for their second tennis face-off of the season. Liberty Ranch won the day 7-2, but everyone enjoyed a friendly day of competition. The Hawks are holding onto their first-place lead in league, while Galt High is ranked a respectable third.

Warrior Head Coach Jonathan Jonas is happy with his team’s progress.

“These kids work hard day after day,” said Jonas. “I see a lot of improvement this season, but more importantly, I see a new generation learning to love the sport of tennis. We have a lot of seniors on our roster this year and I am hoping they continue to play tennis recreationally for a long time to come.”

This is Liberty Head Coach Hunter Franklin’s second season coaching the Hawks.

“We’ve been working on a lot of consistency throughout the lineup from top to bottom, making sure that everyone has the same unified approach,” said Franklin, “making sure that we are sharing information all the way. Number one doubles talking to number two doubles. Number one singles talking to number two. Singles talking to doubles players. Just a lot of sharing of information all the way around for the betterment of the entire team.”