The 2022-2023 Liberty Ranch wrestling season is here. The school’s wrestlers saw their first preseason scrimmage on Wednesday, Nov. 16.

Head Coach Brian Robinson feels that the year is off to a good start. “Many wrestlers are not at the weight class they will spend most of the year,” said Robinson. “It is a good test to see if everyone's mind is in wrestling mode and the level of conditioning we have achieved so far.” 

Liberty hosted River City High and Linden High in a tri-dual meet in the Hawks Nest. “Every indication we saw ... the athletes are ready,” said Robinson.

Highlighting Liberty Ranch’s 2022-2023 campaigns will be returning sophomore Paul Johnson, Kaylee Ceja and Bailey Cathey. Paul is a returning state qualifier, Masters runner-up, Divisional Champion and League Champion. Kaylee and Bailey are both Masters qualifiers, with Kaylee being one match away from qualifying for State Championships last year.

Liberty's roster is on the younger side this year with only five seniors competing, Aiden White, Josh Sanchez, Edgar Medina, Desiree Alvarez and Kaylee Ceja. Juniors are Brannon Cathey and Raul Muru-Castro. Sophomore class includes Antonio Nuno, Lewis Andrews, Paul Johnson, Brandon Eckroth, Chalo Enriquez, Jessie Bernal, Andres Raya, Anastasia Richardson, Aisha-Dayanal Gonzalez and Bailey Cathey.  Freshmen are Veronika Shayhen and Adarius Subega.

Friday, the girls wrestling team competed in The Havoc in the Hawks Nest at Central Valley High in Ceres, with Bailey Cathey, Kaylee Ceja and Aisha-Dayanal Gonzalez all taking home first place medals in their respective divisions and Veronika Shayhen with second place. Ceja and Bailey competed in the varsity division, both wrestlers winning all their matches by pins. Cathey is the #10 ranked wrestler in the state for that weight division.

The boys team competed in the same location on Saturday in Ceres. The boys’ tournament was more like a scrimmage, where Johnson, White and Cathey did not compete. Next up ... Saturday, Nov 26 in Folsom for the girls, and the boys’ first real test will be Dec 10 in Elk Grove at the Curt Mettler Invitational.