13U National Team

Aidan Hall (fourth from the right in the back row) and rest of his 13U National Team Identification Series teammates in Durham, North Carolina in August.

At the 13U National Team Identification Series for USA Baseball in North Carolina last month, Aidan Hall did everything he needed to do and, at the end of the event, was chosen as one of 12 athletes in his age group out of 190 players to be part of the USA Baseball 2020 14U team.

Hall, who is 13 and lives in Galt, decided to go through the USA baseball tryout process at the suggestion of one of his coaches, and as a result will be playing on a national level in about a year during the summer next year at a still-to-be-determined date.

Hall, who plays baseball for The Yard, a travel baseball team, said that now that he has made the team, he’s looking to play at the highest level at the event.

“Play good, do the best I can for my team,” Hall said.

Consistent practice and travelling are two cornerstones of his baseball career so far and they have worked together to create several highlights for Hall and his family.

“Pretty hard. Every day of the week pretty much. An hour a day at least,” Hall said about his practice routine.

The infielder, who plays third base and shortstop, returned Aug. 11 from training camp, and as one of a select few across the country to make the program, received supports from his friends and family.

My coach said that I should so we started at the first tryout and I made that and we had the second tryout and I made that one and that’s this, what I made,” said Hall, who is home-schooled.

Hall appreciates all of the help from his multiple coaches throughout the years, he said, noting that it’s because of the coaching he received that he was able to make the team.

“My coaches helping to get me where I am today and teammates supporting (me),” Hall acknowledged Mike Tosano, who was his coach at Galt Youth Baseball, Fred Breining who is his pitching coach, the Yard coach Mike Madrigal and Zane Madrigal, who was his Molina Healthcare coach.

As he continues to play for The Yard and has a year to prepare for the USA team, Hall noted that another national experience provided the highlight of his baseball performance in his short career.

“I did the best in Cooperstown for sure. I had seven home runs in four days,” Hall said, who also won the home run derby at the same event in Cooperstown.