Students from Robinson’s Taekwondo attended the 2022 UWTA Grand Nationals Championship and Black Belt Testing from Sept. 30 to Oct. 1, 2022.

The students earned a plethora of awards at the national event including their black belts. Galt’s newest blackbelts are Emely Arellano, Jocelyn Arellano, Mia Coque, Josue Jimenez, Jonathan Jimenez and Mathias Pepper.

Other awards won: Lorenzo Ortega, 1st place sparring; Alexa Martinez, 2nd sparring; Fatima Rivera, 1st sparring; Jorge Ramos, 1st sparring; Jonathan Jimenez, 1st sparring; Mrs. Connie Hilaman, 2nd place form; Fransico Ramos, Emely Arellano and Andrew Angeles, 1st sparring; Mia Coque, 3rd sparring; Josue Jimenez and Anna Valentina Gonzalez, 2nd place sparring, 2nd place board break and 3rd place rapid kick; Jocelyn Arellano, 2nd place sparring; Victora Rivera, 2nd place sparring; Fernanda Rivera, 3rd sparring; Maddox Cruz, 2nd sparring; Mathias Pepper, 3rd sparring, 1st rapid kicking and 2nd board break; Matteo Cruz, 2nd sparring; Madelyn Mutulo, 1st sparring; and Ayden Mutulo, 3rd form.

On Friday, the top four fight-off winners were Danny Pedroza, 2nd Nationals Championship; Fatima Rivera, 1st Nationals Championship; and Mia Coque, 1st National Championship; both girls received their national championship rings.

On Saturday at the Evolution Celebration dinner, Fatima Rivera was awarded the 2022 teen female fighter of the year, Mr. Danny Pedroza was awarded the 2022 Instructor of the year, and Robinson's Taekwondo was awarded 2022 school of the year. The instructors say they are so proud of all the students who participated in the 2022 UWTA Grand Nationals Championship. They appreciate how hard they trained every single day to get where they are now.