Marcelo Lopez

Marcelo Lopez of Galt High School (22), as well as the Optimist South team, prepares to stop a member of the North team in the Optimist All-Star Game for football on Jan. 17.

In a showcase of the best high school senior football players in the area, Marcelo Lopez of Galt High School helped the South win 25-13 in the Optimist All-Star Game for football, which was held at Sacramento State’s Hornet Stadium.

Lopez represented the Warriors in what was his last official high school football game, where friends, family and one of his Warrior coaches came out to watch him play.

“I felt good about my performance, they gave me a chance to block and I blocked. On those passes, I ran my route and it just wasn’t my day today, they weren’t targeting me but I still gave it my all on the blocks. I didn’t do bad,” Lopez said afterward.

Lopez has drawn interest from several D II and D III schools and estimated he’d make his choice about where to play within the next few months.