Liberty Ranch soundly beat the El Dorado Cougars 10-2 Friday night.  Earlier in the season on April 1, in a close game they beat them 7-6.  They also played them last Wednesday for a 11-6 win.

Friday, after they honored the seniors and waited for some Umpires stuck in traffic, they were scoring steadily and the score was 7-2 at the end of the fourth inning.  Neither team scored in the fifth then Liberty came on strong with three runs in the six.  Once again, they held El Dorado and they didn’t need their last ups and the game ended at the top of the seventh.

Lucan Manning pitched five innings and struck out six batters while walking three.  Nathan Nelson finished out the last two innings and struck out three and walked two.

Freshman Mario Rubalcava had an amazing eight put outs followed by Richard Brown with five. Nathan Nelson had three hits and made two runs.  Lucas Manning had four hits, three RBI and one run.  Vance Moe had a triple and made a run.  Hayden Johnson made two runs and Andres Ortiz and Kade LeCompte each had one run.

The Hawks, with their 11-4 record took second in league and will have their first playoff game against Wheatland at their home field Tuesday at 4 p.m.