Last year, Galt High School football coach Tim Cobleigh let his student-athletes have a break during part of the off-season.

This year, he planned time in the weight room for potential football players and said that what he has seen has been impressive so far.

“What I’m really impressed with is last year I gave them [time] off, and this year I set up dead period strength and conditioning, and this year the kids showed up. They’re preparing to become a championship football program,” said Cobleigh on July 23.

On July 16, the weight room was a testament to that statement, as both potential JV and varsity athletes filled the room, making the most of their day inside an otherwise quiet Galt High School campus.

Between using the weight machines, doing chin-ups with weights around their waist and pushups, the room exuded the sweat and work that the program expects to see once the team starts the football season on Aug. 23.

That game will be the first-ever game at the new Erv Hatzenbuhler Field at Warrior Stadium and will be played against Woodland Christian at 7 p.m.

In the summer off-season, the Warriors competed in several seven-on-sevens and saw good teams at both events, Cobleigh noted.

“Our first visit was at Lodi High School. Stagg was there as well. It was a very competitive event, I thought it was a good opportunity to go against some teams,” said Cobleigh.

The program also competed at Foothill High School.

“When we went to the foothill tournament, we started kind of slow but the teams that we faced are very good and we did really well against a team from Vallejo, and we were literally a few players away from being at the top of the tournament,” Cobleigh said.

While summer football participation is something that Cobleigh says is “kind of mandatory, but is still kind of hit or miss” as far as the amount of athletes who show up, “participation was good. We decided to focus a little more on the strength and conditioning [this year].”

In addition to returning staff, the team will have new help in the form of Peter Bulahan, from the class of 2012, who is the strength and conditioning coach, and defensive backs’ coach. They also have alum Ryan Ramirez, who is the new defensive line coach.

The Warriors start practice Monday, which will be held on their brand new field for the first time.

The anticipation has been growing for that first official team activity.

“They’ve been wanting to do it forever. They’re honored to have the opportunity to play on such a beautiful field. They want to make the city of Galt proud,” said Cobleigh.