Beach Wrestling.jpg

Galt wrestlers stand behind the sand wrestling podium.

There is a new youth USA wrestling club in town and they are calling themselves the Galt, Acampo, Arcohe, Liberty and Thornton club or G.A.A.L.T.

According to Coach Derek Farren, it gives the kids a chance to train for high school in the off season and experience other events.

One such event they attended recently was beach wrestling. They actually wrestle on the beach in the sand.

Three Galt youth competed in the first USA sanctioned beach tournament in California at Linda Mar Beach in Pacifica on April 3 along with 150 other wrestlers.

Beach wrestling consists of one 3-minute period and the first wrestler to score three points wins the match. The matches take place within a 7-meter-diameter circle and points are scored when an opponent is taken down or pushed out.

Valentina Ortega went 3-0 for a first-place win, Gabriel Ortega took second place and Adrian Farren placed fourth.