It was the Galt Warriors’ veteran runners who were the first among the team to cross the finish line in both varsity races at the second Sierra Valley Conference meet, but as Warrior co-head coach Matt Silva said, the Warriors have a strong freshman class that is performing well and is also helping the team earn team points.

“The girls, we had Madison finish first on our team, and we have some freshmen who’ve been really doing well, Cheyenne Ullrich and Julie Sporleder,” Silva said after the SVC meet, which was held at Rosemont High School Oct. 2. “They’ve all been doing really well. They’re going to be the ones who take over the program once Maddie and Zada and Violet all exit out.”

The varsity girls finished second while the varsity boys finished fifth.

For the varsity boys, Ethan Reece finished 10th with his time of 17:32, while Sebastian Baez finished 16th with his time of 18:18, the second Warrior to cross the finish line.

“I think they did really well for the boys’ side. Ethan finished in the top 10 so we were happy with his finish, and also Sebastian Baez had a strong finish for the boys’ team,” said Silva, who coaches the team alongside Steve Duncan.

In the varsity girls race, Madison Petersen finished sixth with her time of 21:42. Her teammate, Sporleder, finished seventh with her time of 22:07, and Ullrich finished ninth with her time of 22:43 to round out the top three Warriors.

The race saw the Warriors end up with slightly improved results over the first SVC meet, which was held at Folsom in September.

“For the girls, they finished about the same where they finished last race,” Silva said. “A couple of our girls improved a little bit and finished a few places ahead of where they finished last time. For the boys, we finished around where we finished last time, where our strongest runners finished farther up in the pack, and the rest of our team finished spread out throughout the race.”

In the freshman-sophomore boys race, Sergio Martinez, a freshman, placed sixth with his time of 12:48.

The Warriors have approximately 18 runners, according to Silva, which is on par with their roster numbers over the past few years.

“In the past few years, it’s about where we’ve been, but going back to 4-5 years ago, we had a really small team so it’s gradually growing. We’re just happy to have the interested kids and that they’re coming out and working hard.”

The Warriors’ next scheduled meet is Oct. 19 at the Bella Vista Bronco Cross Country Invitational.