Galt High School on Oct. 8 held its first homecoming game since students returned to in-person learning during the COVID-19 pandemic this year.

Although attendees enjoyed watching student-made floats, revisiting their alma mater, and relaxing in the cool autumn air, the Warriors varsity had a rough night in their match against the El Dorado Cougars of Placerville. The Warriors had a 19-7 loss and they now have a 1-6 season record, while the Cougars are up at 4-2.

Galt’s one and only offensive triumph was when wide receiver Levi Humphreys caught a pass and dashed to a touchdown in the middle of the first quarter.

Their offense subsequently suffered one setback after another during the rest of the game, due to frequent incomplete passes and a solid El Dorado defense. Adding insult to injury was the moment when the Cougars pushed the Warriors offense back to their one-yard line and soon scored a safety early in the third quarter.

The Cougars scored their first touchdown at the tail end of the first quarter when running back Giovanni Pifferini managed to break through a wall of Warrior defenders and sneak into the end zone.

El Dorado slipped through cracks in the Galt defense to score a field goal before the second quarter ended, and when wide receiver Devon Hurst gained the last touchdown of the night in the third quarter.

The Warrior defense then picked up and halted the Cougars from scoring in the fourth quarter. El Dorado suffered a setback when their 20-yard field goal attempt failed during the last three minutes of the game.

After the Warriors headed to their locker room after the game ended, Defensive Coach Anthony Trejo told the Herald that his team put in a good effort but they still had much to work on.

While Galt’s varsity team struggled that night, the junior varsity team dominated the field earlier that day when they defeated El Dorado, 21-0.