Friday’s Galt High game against the Bradshaw Christian Pride started off as planned for the Pride when they recovered their own kick off on an on-side kick. They were able to score, but Galt shut down their attempt at a two-point conversion.

The Warriors showed Bradshaw whose house they were in, when they answered with not only a touchdown, but scored on the PAT. The first quarter ended with Galt up 7-6.

Galt defense kept things close, they were well prepared, and the Pride never really got their linemen through the hole up to the second level and the Warriors shut down their long run. Bradshaw scored again with no PAT and Galt answered the same. The scoreboard read Galt 13, Bradshaw 12 at halftime.

While the Warriors didn’t allow Bradshaw’s rushing attack to break any long runs, Galt’s Jeremy Freitas scampered 59 yards in the third quarter giving the Warriors the lead once again 20-18 late in the third quarter.

While penalties hampered the Pride, Galt had a few of their own that essentially stopped their scoring push in the 4th quarter. The Pride was able to score again and finally make a two-point conversion leaving the close game with a win over the Warriors 26-20.

Bradshaw’s Head Coach Drew Rickert, had a few words about Galt’s offense.

“We were over-pursuing and they cut back,” Rickert said. “That’s what got us, was their cutback. That’s what got them their long runs. That’s a good football team. They are a few tweaks away from being a really good football team.”

Galt will play Rosemont at Rosemont this Friday.