Bulahan Jr. prepares to pass

Robert Bulahan Jr. prepares to pass in the Warriors’ game against Summerville on Aug. 30.

The Galt Warriors evened their preseason football record after hosting Summerville on Aug. 30 in a 24-21 loss.

In the first quarter, the defenses held tough and neither team scored.  However, a late fumble by the Warriors led to an early second quarter field goal by the Bears.  A little later, the Bears ran the ball in for a touchdown, giving them the lead 10-0.  There was another exciting drive by the Bears on the last drive of the half.  However the Warriors held tough knocking the Summerville quarterback out of bounds just before the end zone as time expired.

A few minutes into the second half, the Warriors created a fumble and took possession from Summerville.  A couple plays later, the Warriors completed a beautiful 55-yard reception for their first touchdown and score of the game.  The Warriors then held the bears to a three-and-out and received the ball on the Bears’ half of the field.  A few plays later they threw another 35-yard passing reception giving them the lead 14-10.

In the fourth quarter, the Bears capitalized on a Galt special teams turnover giving them another touchdown and taking the lead back 17-14.  On the kickoff, the Warriors were not tricked by an onside kick, giving the home team good field position.  From there, the Warriors drove the ball down and regained the lead with a rushing touchdown 21-17.

On the ensuing kickoff, the Bears had a strong return getting them to midfield.  Three plays later, they scored on a 40-yard reception taking the lead back 24 - 21.  The Warriors had a couple final possessions, but the Bears defense held firm, rushing and sacking the Galt quarterback along the way until time just ran out.

The Warriors will go on the road for the first time this season when they take on Linden Sept. 6.

– Kyle Amrine