It was a crowded stadium for the Galt Warriors’ first home game. Galt High alum Mayor Shawn Farmer was on hand for the coin toss. “I can’t say enough about the heart of these boys,” said Farmer. “They battled and were able to overcome a two-touchdown deficit. Then in the last seconds, defense was able to clinch the win when Franklin had multiple opportunities to get one touchdown up on us. It was a nail biter and everyone in the stands was on their feet, and I have never heard this stadium so loud as in those final game seconds. Congratulations to the Warriors.”

Franklin began the game with the ball, and they kept working their way down the field, but when the Galt defense covered all the receivers, the quarterback tried to run the ball and was tackled behind the line of scrimmage. He fumbled on the tackle and Galt’s Isaac Pentoja, instead of falling on the ball, picked it up and ran it back to the 30-yard line. Unfortunately, Galt did not take advantage of that opportunity and had to punt. The ball was hiked over punter Hunter Freeman, and Freeman fumbled and recovered, giving the ball back to the Warriors.

Once again, Galt did not take advantage of their opportunity and turned the ball over on downs. Franklin was able to score this time and when the extra point hike was fumbled, picked the ball up and ran it into the end zone for two. The score was 0-8 with 2:39 left in the first quarter.

Franklin fumbled in the second quarter and Galt recovered on the 50-yard line with eight minutes left in the half. Kayson Jones caught a pass from quarterback Cole Erman and was able to escape and run it all the way for a touchdown. The extra point was good, and the half ended with the score at 7-8.

Franklin would score two more times before the Warriors were able to battle from behind and overcome the deficit. With the score Galt 35 and Franklin 31, Franklin had seconds and multiple opportunities to grab that last touchdown and win, but the Warrior defense pulled out all the stops and kept them from scoring, securing the win for the Warriors.

Athletic Director John Van den Raadt is happy for a win at home.

“Our boys fought hard and never gave up,” said Van den Raadt. “We are proud that they persevered till the end to pull off the victory.”

The Warriors will play at home again this Friday against Highlands.